‘Frozen’ har fået premiere med både ris og ros fra anmelderne

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FOTO: Disney-filmen Frozen (2013) ©Scanpix

I går, den 22. marts, fik den længeventet musicaludgave af Disneys Frozen premiere på Broadways St. James Theatre. De første anmeldelser af musicalen er nu tikket ind, og de byder på både ris og ros.

Fælles for mange af anmeldelserne er, at de kritiserer Frozen for ikke at løbe nogle risici men tage den sikre vej:

Jesse Green, The New York Times: “Forget girl power, sisterly love and the high-belt clarion call of “Let It Go.” Anxiety over the handling of a precious gift is the theme that comes through loudest in “Frozen,” the sometimes rousing, often dull, alternately dopey and anguished Disney musical that opened on Broadway on Thursday.”

Joe Dziemianowicz, The Daily News: “Playing it so safe is like wearing boots for a spin at a skating rink. You won’t fall down – but you won’t dazzle either.”

Et andet kritikpunkt blandt anmeldelserne er plottet eller mangel på samme:

Peter Marks, The Washington Post: “What may prevent “Frozen” from appealing to more sophistcated theater crowds is the unfulfilled promise of the plot […] Because ”Frozen” attempts to traverse the tender and intimate terrain of trauma and loss of love. But it never achieves that necessay climax – paradoxival in a show of this title – when a spectator’s heart is able to melt.”

Adam Feldman, Time Out New York: “It would be one thing if Frozen’s stiffness were in the service of a deeper take on the material, but its already shaky plot seems even less secure, too thin a rope to support the musical’s dutiful climb up the narrative mountain.”

I den positive ende er flere anmeldere dog enige om, at Frozen nok skal tilfredsstille de mere hardcore Disney-fans:

Charles McNulty, Los Angeles Times: “Frozen” likely won’t have many repeat customers, but its agreeable competence will satisfy hardcore fans who are curious to understand more about the plucky, climate-meddling heroines who devise their own happy ending through sisterly solidarity.”

Diane Snyder, The Telegraph: “Although darker than its predecessor in tone and design […] this new Frozen is brisk and entertaining for most of its two hours and 20 minutes, with the same characters that won the hearts of filmgoers brought to three-dimensional life.”

Alexis Soloski, The Guardian: “With its music, its dance, its flurry of likable leads, and snowball after snowball of son and lumière, some of it newfangled, some of it stretching back to 19th-century melodrama, it offers most of the pleasures that we count on Broadway musicals to provide.”

Frozen er instrueret af den prisvindende instruktør Michael Grandage, der i 2009 også stod bag Broadway-forestillingen ‘Hamlet’ med Jude Law i hovedrollen som den danske prins. Selvom musicalen er en adaption af Disney-filmen, så vil produktionen på visse område adskille sig den originale handling.

Du kan læse flere anmeldelser via Broadway World.

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